Beginner’s Guide To The Types & Varieties Of Coffee Beans

coffee beans and plant

Coffee is no longer just a quick caffeine fix. For many people, it’s a way of life. If you’ve visited any coffee shop in the last few years, you’ve noticed it’s much different than hitting up your local diner for a cup. There are countless types of coffee to choose from. Coffee has become a … Read more

Iced Latte vs Iced Coffee: What’s The Difference?

When it’s hot out and I am in serious need of coffee, I enjoy popping into a local coffeeshop for an iced latte. But if I’m near a Dunkin’, then I go for an iced coffee to cool me off and quench my need for caffeine. But is there really any difference between an iced … Read more

Can Dogs Drink Coffee? Or Is It Toxic To Dogs?

dog latte art

If you’ve got a dog, then you already know that they get into everything. And if you’re eating or drinking something, then they have just got to have it. Coffee is no exception. Like most dog owners, you probably let your dog sample human food pretty regularly. But should your share your coffee with your … Read more

Can Cats Drink Coffee? Or Is It Toxic To Cats?

cat drinking coffee

As you’re enjoying your morning coffee, you might notice that your cat is interested in what you’re doing. It may even be trying to sneak a sip when you put your cup down. But should you let your cat have some of your coffee? Or it is bad for them? The answer is no, your … Read more

Cortado vs Cubano: What’s The Difference?

closeup making espresso

So, you’ve just walked into a new coffeeshop and see some espresso drinks in the menu that you’ve not seen, nor tasted, before. What do you do? Should you try the cortado or the Cubano coffee? How do you know which one you will like the taste of more? And most importantly, how do these … Read more

Cortado vs Breve: What’s The Difference?

barista making latte

If you’re in line at the coffee shop waiting to order up your normal go-to drink, but then you overhear someone order something that you’ve never heard of before now – Is that good?, you think. Will you like that drink? It is better than your normal cup of joe? You might even have some … Read more

Cortado vs Cafe Au Lait: What’s The Difference?

cup of coffee on wood table

If your normal coffee drinks is the cafe au lait, then you might be wondering if a cortado is something that you might enjoy. Maybe every so often you want to try something new and this drink is on your radar. Before you order up something that you might regret, let us help you compare … Read more

Cortado vs Americano: What’s The Difference?

coffee shop with espresso machine on counter

Sometimes when I want a coffee, but I don’t want to deal with the fatty taste of milk, I’ll opt for an Americano instead of one of my regular go-to drinks. But before I started doing that, I wasn’t really sure what an Americano was like compared to my normal espresso drinks. And when I … Read more

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