Cortado vs Breve: What’s The Difference?

barista making latte

If you’re in line at the coffee shop waiting to order up your normal go-to drink, but then you overhear someone order something that you’ve never heard of before now – Is that good?, you think. Will you like that drink? It is better than your normal cup of joe? You might even have some … Read more

Cortado vs Espresso: What’s The Difference?

barista making espresso

Do you normally order up an espresso at your local coffee shop, but you’re putting some feelers out there for a new drink? If you’ve seen the cortado on the coffee bar menu, then you might be curious how it compares to the espresso. Well, if your palette is looking for something a bit more … Read more

Ristretto vs Espresso: What’s The Difference?

espresso being made

Though it’s not something you encounter on the regular, every so often you’ll be in an upscale coffee shop and hear someone order a ristretto. And if you’re like me, then you’re thinking, wtf is that? when it reaches your ears. I got tired of not knowing the difference between two, or if there even … Read more