Don Miguel Gascon Malbec 2021 Tasting Notes

Don Miguel Gascon Malbec 2021 close up

You ever pick up a new wine because it’s cheap, and it’s your favorite type of wine, only to be disappointed? Well, on the same Smiths’ grocery store trip where we picked a bottle of the 2020 Alamos Malbec at 20% off, we also picked up a bottle of 2021 Don Miguel Gascon Malbec. So, … Read more

Trader Joe’s Petit Reserva Barossa Shiraz 2020 Tasting Notes

Trader Joe's Petit Reserve Barossa Shiraz 2020 closeup

Recently on the hunt for some new bottles of red wine, we stopped into our local Trader Joe’s to see if we could find anything cheap that we might enjoy. As luck would have it, there was an end cap display of several decent looking options and I picked the Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Barossa … Read more

Alamos Malbec 2020 Tasting Notes

alamos malbec label

Always on the hunt for a good cheap red wine, we were recently at our local Smith’s grocery store and noticed they were running a 20% off four bottles of wine promo. Of course, that meant it was time to sample some new wines! Since Riley is a big fan of malbecs, we picked up … Read more

Mionetto Prosecco Brut Sparkling Wine Tasting Notes

mionetto prosecco closeup

Recently I was looking for a way to improve the taste of some shockingly terrible blueberry wine, and decided to try adding some prosecco to it. Since I was out of Costco Kirkland Signature Asolo Prosecco Superiore prosecco, I popped out to my local Smith’s grocery store to see what they had available in the … Read more

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