What Coffee Does McDonald’s Use?

woman drinking mcdonald's coffee

As a coffee drinker, there are a few universal truths and one of those truths is that McDonald’s has damn good coffee for a fast food restaurant. I’ve always wondered why their coffee is so much better than similar fast food places, or even the gas station coffee. Well, it all comes down to the … Read more

Which Tea Has The Most Caffeine? (High Caffeine Teas)

poured cup of hot tea

Whether you’re trying to limit your daily caffeine or just want to make sure you get a caffeinated jolt, knowing which teas are high in caffeine is essential for any tea drinker. Generally speaking, the teas that are known for having a high caffeine content are black tea, mate, matcha, and pu-erh. But it’s not … Read more

Starbucks Milk Frother (Review & Where To Buy)

starbucks milk frother

Many people prefer speciality coffee drinks, which can be a bummer if you don’t have all the equipment needed to make these expensive drinks at home. Frothed milk is a necessary ingredient in multiple coffee brews. There are many ways to get frothy milk, but the easiest and best method is to use a milk … Read more

Milk Frother vs. Steamer: What’s The Difference?

barista steaming milk

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you may have experience with baristas asking if you’d prefer your milk frothed or steamed. We’re going to compare milk frother vs. steamer to help you understand the differences. A quick explanation between the two is that a frother adds air into the milk while a steamer heats the … Read more

Americano vs Espresso: What’s The Difference?

barista making espresso

If you’ve spent some time staring at the coffee shop menu, then you might be wondering if there’s really any difference between an Americano and an espresso drink. The answer is: Yes, the is a difference! The basic difference is that an espresso is made by forcing hot water through the coffee grounds at a … Read more

Can You Reheat Coffee In A Microwave?

coffee cup in microwave

Have you ever sat down at your desk with a cup of coffee and gotten so in the zone that before you know it your coffee is cold and you’ve not even drank half of it? Man, I really hate when that happens. Cold coffee is the worst, unless we’re talking about iced coffee, but … Read more

Can You Eat Coffee Beans? Is Eating Coffee Beans Safe?

coffee beans and chocolate

If you’re a bonafide coffee addict, then you might be looking to take things to the next level by eating coffee beans and getting your fix right from the source. But are coffee beans really meant to be eaten instead of brewed? Is it safe or are there things to worry about? The short answer … Read more

Decaf vs Regular Coffee: What’s The Difference?

cup of coffee on table

For years, I was firmly in the death before decaf camp, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve had to add decaf to my nightly coffee routine so that I get better sleep. And if you’re wondering if there’s really any difference between decaf and regular coffee, then the answer is YES! There are several ways … Read more

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