Does Tea Expire? (Does Tea Ever Go Bad?)

teabags and loose leaf tea

In my recent article Do Coffee Beans Expire?, I talked about the apocalypse. And the potential lack of caffeine that might come with said apocalypse. Hey, it’s a valid concern. So, if you’re worried about your tea habit in a post-apocalyptic world, just like in the coffee article, I come bearing positive news. Tea bags … Read more

How Long Does Tea Last? (What’s The Shelf Life For Tea?)

oolong tea in a tea pot

Tea is a shelf-stable dry good that can be brewed and safely consumed long after the best by date on its packaging. Tea does, however, degrade over time, weakening its flavors and reducing its antioxidant properties. For the best experience, tea should be brewed within 6 to 12 months of opening, with slight variations depending … Read more

Which Tea Has The Most Caffeine? (High Caffeine Teas)

poured cup of hot tea

Whether you’re trying to limit your daily caffeine or just want to make sure you get a caffeinated jolt, knowing which teas are high in caffeine is essential for any tea drinker. Generally speaking, the teas that are known for having a high caffeine content are black tea, mate, matcha, and pu-erh. But it’s not … Read more

How To Drink Tea: The Essential Guide To Becoming A Tea Drinker

woman pouring hot tea

Drinking tea is an age-honored tradition and still a huge part of many cultures. Japan and China have their famous tea ceremonies. The UK has its remnants of teatime as originated during the Victorian Era. Turkish tea is practically a religion, with the people of Turkey having the highest tea-consumption per capita in the world. … Read more

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