A great drink is more than just a palate-pleaser. A great drink is an experience. Whether you’re on a trip, celebrating some momentous occasion, or just having a quiet evening at home, the right beverage can embed itself in your taste buds and become part of the memory.

We spend a lot of time traveling the world, and one thing we’ve noticed is just how much local drink culture enhances the experience.  While we’ve tried all the standards – Bellinis in Venice, sangria in Barcelona – it’s been the instances of hospitality that leave behind the most lasting impressions.

Whether its house-made wine in Greece or hot black tea in Jordan, a good drink is one of the most universal kindnesses we’ve encountered.

We believe the best drinks are those that go down smooth and leave lasting taste impressions. We’re always on the lookout for the most memorable coffees, remarkable regional drinks, and tastiest twists on cocktails.

The Drink Scouts Team

Shawna Newman began drinking coffee embarrassingly late in life (well after a short stint as a barista), but is working hard to make up for lost time….as long as the beans don’t have fruity notes. It’s always coffee-thirty for Shawna.

Shawna at a Caribou Coffee in Aurora, CO

Favorite drinks: Southern-style sweet iced tea, Turkish tea, Turkish champagne, any non-fruity coffee drinks, tawny port, and pretty much any mule.

Most Controversial Drink Opinion: All beer sucks, yes, even German beer.

Riley LaShea may have had her growth stunted by coffee. That’s what her dad always said, but her grandma continued to provide it anyway. Now topped out at 5’3”, she writes novels and enjoys a satisfying cuppa.

Riley at a Caribou Coffee in Aurora, CO

Favorite drinks: Argo’s Green Tea Ginger Twist & Mojitea, Apple Cider (non-alcoholic), (Legit) Salep, Coffee, Any Cocktail with Ginger Beer

Most Controversial Drink Opinion: When buying in Europe, most store brand sparkling water is better than the name brands.

Drink Scouts