Ideal Coffee Temperature (Brew and Serve Temps)

person's hand pouring coffee

Nothing spoils a great cup of coffee more than a tepid temperature or a scald so hot it takes off half your mouth skin before you can swallow it. Coffee, like most hot drinks, is a straight-up Goldilocks situation. It simply tastes better when it’s “just right.” What is the right temperature for coffee, though? … Read more

What Is A Long Black Coffee?

long black coffee

A long black coffee is a virtually nonexistent offering in American (and many European) coffee shops, and there’s a reason for that. It has an almost exact twin – the americano – which is the better-known drink of the two and the one you’re more likely to find on the menu of an American coffee … Read more

What Is A Ristretto?

espresso being made

When you order an espresso at most coffee shops, you’ll get a double shot. A double shot of espresso is a little more than 2 ounces of water passed through 14-20 grams of coffee in roughly 20-25 seconds. If you opt for a single shot, you’ll get roughly 1 ounce of water passed through 7 … Read more

What Is A Long Shot Of Espresso?

A regular shot of espresso is roughly equivalent to 1 ounce of water passed through 7 grams of ground coffee. This is what is served standard in most coffee shops when you order a single shot of espresso. A long shot of espresso passes more water through the same grounds. Typically, a long shot uses … Read more

Cortado vs Misto: What’s The Difference?

What’s on the drink menu at your local coffeeshop is only about a tenth of what a knowledgeable barista knows how to make. Being equally knowledgeable about your options can give you a far better experience. You might even find something you like better than the standard cappuccino or latte. Two often hidden coffeeshop menu … Read more

Cortado vs Breve: What’s The Difference?

barista making latte

If you’re in line at the coffee shop waiting to order up your normal go-to drink, but then you overhear someone order something that you’ve never heard of before now – Is that good?, you think. Will you like that drink? It is better than your normal cup of joe? You might even have some … Read more

Cortado vs Americano: What’s The Difference?

coffee shop with espresso machine on counter

Sometimes when I want a coffee, but I don’t want to deal with the fatty taste of milk, I’ll opt for an Americano instead of one of my regular go-to drinks. But before I started doing that, I wasn’t really sure what an Americano was like compared to my normal espresso drinks. And when I … Read more