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Paul Buisse Cremant de Loire Rose Sparkling Wine (Costco Sparkling Wine Tasting Notes)

If you’ve seen some of the other wine reviews here on Drink Scouts, then you already know that we’re big fans of sparkling wine in this house.

Now, what you might not know is that in recent years, Cremant has quickly risen to the top spot in our list of our favorite types of sparkling wine.

However, there is one wee wrinkle in our plan to drink this bottle of Paul Buisse Cremant de Loire Rose.

Neither of us are huge fans of rosé wines of any type.

I mean, I won’t turn down a rosé if that is my only option, but I certainly won’t choose it if there are other options.

And I can say with confidence that Riley feels the same way about any rosé on offer.

So, we don’t love rosé, but we do love us a Cremant…and that kind of meant there was a 50/50 chance for this wine.

But hey, at a cost of under $12 at Costco, there no reason to not give this one a try.

It was with some trepidation that we first tried this rosé sparkling wine.

Paul Buisse Cremant de Loire Rose bottle

My Initial Thoughts

Going into it, our intentions were to drink this bottle of Paul Buisse Cremant de Loire Rose straight up, so zero mixers.

Even though I wasn’t really sure what to expect with flavors since most Cremants have that yummy green apple and citrus thing going on.

So, I was pleasantly surprised by this rosé.

The flavors were relatively light with this one, and almost seemed to have a floral sort of taste instead of the promised red berries.

However, the back label on the bottle doesn’t really seem to mention floral tasting notes, so maybe that’s just my unrefined palate here.

On the label, it says to expect strawberries and raspberries with a velvety soft mousse.

Paul Buisse Cremant de Loire Rose back label

Anyways, this Cremant was really just okay for us when I was expecting to actually dislike it.

I do think it was perfectly drinkable without any mixers, but I can’t imagine ever choosing to buy this rosé Cremant over a traditional Cremant.

At the same time, I wouldn’t turn down a glass of this if someone offered it to me.

A quick side note about Cremants in general – when reviewing the François Montand Blanc de Blancs Brut, I learned that any Cremant is made using the traditional method (Méthode Traditionnelle).

That means it is made exactly the same way as legit champagne, but just cannot legally be called champagne.

So, food for thought if rosé Champagne is your thing and you wanna save some money.

Over at Vivino, it currently has a rating of 3.4/5 from over 50 ratings.

Though it does seem that that rating is based on the 2018 vintage and I have no clue what vintage this bottle is since it doesn’t appear to be marked on the bottle anywhere that I can tell.

Paul Buisse Cremant de Loire Rose

For us, this sparkling wine is just ‘fine’ when it comes to sparkling wine.

With a price of $11.49 at Costco, I don’t think it’s a great value for the money, but maybe it is if you enjoy a rosé.

All things considered, I don’t really see us buying this one again on purpose. Especially since there are much better options just at Costco.

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