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Coffee Experiments: Can You Eat Coffee Beans? Is Eating Coffee Beans Safe?

If you’re a bonafide coffee addict, then you might be looking to take things to the next level by eating coffee beans and getting your fix right from the source.

But are coffee beans really meant to be eaten instead of brewed? Is it safe or are there things to worry about?

The short answer is yes, you can eat coffee beans – that’s why chocolate covered coffee beans are for sale as gifts. You’ll probably like it because coffee beans taste good, but there are some safety concerns to consider.

Keep reading to learn everything we’ve learned about eating coffee beans after doing our research.

Can you swallow coffee beans?

If you’re asking this question, then I assume you’re thinking that if you swallow coffee beans then it will act as a caffeine pill, of sorts.

While that’s a solid line of thought, it won’t actually work that way for you. Here’s what happens when you swallow coffee beans:

The whole coffee bean passes through your body without really breaking down, so all that caffeine and antioxidants don’t get extracted before you poop out the coffee bean.

So, while you can swallow coffee beans, there’s zero good reason to do it. You’re better off chewing the coffee beans or grinding them to brew some coffee.

Eating Coffee Beans

If you’re looking for a quick injection of caffeine, then eating coffee beans is definitely an effective way to accomplish that.

The act of chewing the coffee bean extracts the caffeine and all the other goodness from the coffee, so that your body can absorb it. Afterwards you’ll end up pooping out the fibery parts of the coffee bean.

It’s important to keep in mind that moderation is the key here. Since you’re getting basically a concentrated form of coffee, you don’t want to overdo it.

And make sure that you’re eating roasted coffee beans instead of the green ones. Green coffee beans have a gross, bitter, woody flavor and can be hard to chew.

Can you get caffeine from eating coffee beans?

Heck yeah, you can! Not only can you get caffeine from coffee beans, but you get more caffeine from eating coffee beans than from drinking brewed coffee.

That’s because the water in brewed coffee dilutes it. But chewing the coffee beans means all that caffeine is super concentrated right in your mouth.

On average, a chocolate-covered coffee bean contains around 12 mg of caffeine per bean — including the caffeine in the chocolate.

This means that adults can eat around 33 chocolate-covered coffee beans without going over the recommended safe level of caffeine.

Is It Safe To Eat Coffee Beans?

Yes, it is safe for you to eat coffee beans, in moderation. When you eat coffee beans, you get all the benefit of drinking coffee, just in a super concentrated form.

One thing you should be aware of is that when you eat coffee beans, you’re absorbing that caffeine and nutrients through the lining of your mouth instead of your gut. This results in a more rapid absorption.

So, if the caffeine from coffee affects you, then you’ll notice those effects faster than if you were drinking a brewed cup of coffee.

With that in mind, any negative effects you normally experience when drinking coffee will be amplified by eating coffee beans.

Here’s what Healthline says about it:

Coffee beans are safe to eat. However, consuming coffee beans in moderation is advised because their nutrients are more concentrated than liquid coffee’s.

If you’re sensitive to coffee, or just eat too many coffee beans, then you might experience some adverse side effects. Common side effects include:

  • upset stomach
  • acid reflux
  • heartburn
  • diarrhea
  • sleep disturbance
  • anxiety

Here’s what Healthline has to say about it:

Eating too many coffee beans may cause a wide range of negative effects, such as heartburn, stomach upset, increased bowel movements, sleep problems, anxiety, and pregnancy complications.

What are the benefits of eating coffee beans?

When you eat coffee beans, you still get all the same awesome benefits as when drinking brewed coffee. Some of these benefits include:

  • improved mood
  • lower risk of depression
  • better mental function
  • better memory
  • cancer-fighting antioxidants
  • lower risk of diabetes
  • higher levels of energy
  • improved athletic endurance
  • boost in metabolism and fat burning

Here’s what Healthline says about the benefits of coffee beans:

Coffee beans are a concentrated source of antioxidants and caffeine. They have anti-inflammatory properties that protect against certain diseases and boost energy and mood.

Do coffee beans taste good?

Yes, coffee beans taste good, especially the chocolate covered coffee beans. Of course, anyone who doesn’t like the taste of coffee is not going to like the taste of coffee beans.

The roast of the beans you eat really determines that flavor that you end up tasting.

Typically, medium or darker roasts are going to be more enjoyable for most people because they tend to be rich with oils and offer up more of a robust flavor explosion in your mouth.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, not only can you eat coffee beans safely, but doing so is insanely good for you.

Just be sure that you’re only eating coffee beans in moderation so you don’t end up with too much caffeine or get to the point of experiencing negative side effects of too much coffee.

When eaten in moderation, coffee beans can be a yummy, safe, and healthy way to get your caffeine fix.

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