New Coffee Drinkers Guide: Is Espresso Good For You?

We all want to believe it, that that morning cuppa we grab on the way to work each day does our bodies good. And it’s not just a hopeful fantasy. There’s solid evidence to prove drinking coffee, including espresso, is one of those super beneficial things we can do for our health. In short: Yes! … Read more

New Coffee Drinkers Guide: Is Espresso Stronger Than Coffee?

When you’re trying to cut back on (or just monitor) your caffeine intake, knowing how much caffeine is in each drink is essential. Often, when people are comparing “strength” in caffeinated beverages, caffeine amount is what they mean. But there is also the little matter of flavor/boldness, which can also be a meaning of the … Read more

New Coffee Drinkers Guide: Difference Between Coffee Beans and Espresso Beans

cup of coffee with beans

When you’re standing in the coffee aisle of your favorite grocery store trying to choose between the bounty of delectable-sounding offerings, you will likely notice some coffee roasts labeled as “coffee” while others are labeled as “espresso.” But espresso IS just coffee, right? So, what’s the sitch with the weird labeling? Is there a difference … Read more

Coffee Experiments: Can You Use Regular Coffee For Espresso?

espresso brewing

Espresso is regular coffee. Whether you are getting it whipped up by a barista at your local coffee shop or making it at home, the base of espresso is still just coffee. So, the answer is ‘Yes! You can use regular coffee for espresso!’ In fact, you use regular coffee every time you make espresso. … Read more

Starbucks Milk Frother (Our Review & Where To Buy)

starbucks milk frother

Many people prefer speciality coffee drinks, which can be a bummer if you don’t have all the equipment needed to make these expensive drinks at home. Frothed milk is a necessary ingredient in multiple coffee brews. There are many ways to get frothy milk, but the easiest and best method is to use a milk … Read more

Coffee Experiments: Can Nespresso Machines Make Hot Chocolate?

nespresso machine

Nespresso coffee machines are great for making single-serve coffees in a multitude of flavors without a lot of fuss or clean-up. Once you get used to that easy fill-push-and-brew technique, it can be hard to go back to making your hot drinks in a traditional coffee pot or kettle. Nespresso knows they’ve got a satisfactorily … Read more

Do Coffee Beans Expire? (Can They Go Bad?)

coffee beans on wood table

I don’t know about you, but whenever I sit pondering what life in a post-apocalyptic world might be like, I always worry about coffee. Presumably, a world devoid of life, but rich in misery and zombies is gonna be a tough world to endure. I can barely handle eight a.m. on a normal day without … Read more

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