Like Espresso But Not Coffee? Here’s Why

multiple coffee drinks on table

Some people don’t like coffee. I know. It’s a hard concept for me to grasp too. But, apparently, it’s true. There are actually people who go through their lives coffee-averse. Who sneer at the thought of a well-brewed cup of joe. Who hated coffee at first taste and always will. Then, there are others – … Read more

Does Grinding Coffee Finer Make It Stronger?

cup of coffee against fine grounds

When it comes to brewing a good cup of coffee, grind size is more important than many joe-lovers might realize. The size of a coffee’s grind determines how much the water comes in contact with the coffee, and, consequently, how quickly the flavors and caffeine in the coffee are released. So, does a fine ground … Read more

Can I Make Regular Coffee With An Espresso Machine?

A man drops coffee into an espresso machine.

It goes to reason, doesn’t it? If espresso is made with regular coffee, you should be able to make regular coffee in your espresso machine. And, in a way, yes, you can. You can’t make your coffee the same way you make it in a coffee maker – brewing straight through – but you CAN … Read more

Can You Use Regular Coffee For Espresso?

espresso brewing

Espresso is regular coffee. Whether you are getting it whipped up by a barista at your local coffee shop or making it at home, the base of espresso is still just coffee. So, the answer is ‘Yes! You can use regular coffee for espresso!’ In fact, you use regular coffee every time you make espresso. … Read more

Is There A Difference Between Coffee Beans and Espresso Beans?

cup of coffee with beans

When you’re standing in the coffee aisle of your favorite grocery store trying to choose between the bounty of delectable-sounding offerings, you will likely notice some coffee roasts labeled as “coffee” while others are labeled as “espresso.” But espresso IS just coffee, right? So, what’s the sitch with the weird labeling? Is there a difference … Read more

Is Espresso Stronger Than Coffee?

When you’re trying to cut back on (or just monitor) your caffeine intake, knowing how much caffeine is in each drink is essential. Often, when people are comparing “strength” in caffeinated beverages, caffeine amount is what they mean. But there is also the little matter of flavor/boldness, which can also be a meaning of the … Read more

Is Espresso Good For You?

We all want to believe it, that that morning cuppa we grab on the way to work each day does our bodies good. And it’s not just a hopeful fantasy. There’s solid evidence to prove drinking coffee, including espresso, is one of those super beneficial things we can do for our health. In short: Yes! … Read more

Espresso Drinks (A Verbal & Visual Guide)

An espresso drink is any drink that contains espresso. (A complex and in-depth definition, I know.) It doesn’t matter if that drink is hot or cold, how much milk or foam it has, or how lost the espresso gets inside it (though, it’s hard to truly lose espresso in other things). As long as there’s … Read more

A Compendium of Coffee Memes (95+ Funny Coffee Memes!)

Coffee is a ripe subject for meme-ing. It’s popular, it’s pleasurable, and it’s addictive as all hell. When you find that perfect coffee meme that captures your co-dependent relationship with the joe, chances are a lot of people will relate. (We sure relate to many.) Here are some of our favorite memes about coffee from … Read more

Understanding Starbucks Drink Sizes (And Cup Sizes)

Let’s be frank, for originating in a country that uses “small,” “medium,” and “large” pretty much universally, Starbucks’ drink sizing is just… well… weird. I mean, what’s up with the mixture of English and Italian? Why is a “tall” not all that tall? And what’s with the (somewhat) hidden drink sizes? While you can never … Read more

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