Famous Coffee Slogans

Seventy percent of the world’s coffee supply is the same variety – arabica – and the majority of that arabica coffee is sold plain with no extra ingredients or flavors in the roast. That means the hundreds of brands of coffee sold in grocery stores and restaurants are by and large the same. The only … Read more

What Is Peaberry Coffee And Why Is It Special?

peaberry coffee beans

A peaberry coffee bean is unique from other coffee beans in the way in which it grows. Typically, a coffee cherry contains two seeds or pits. These seeds form directly next to each other, and limit each other’s growing space, causing each of the seeds to flatten on one edge as they develop. This flattening … Read more

What’s The Average Cost Of A Pound Of Coffee?

Coffee is expensive. As it’s been dressed up and put to market. Starbucks may be the party most responsible for setting the prices of coffee drinks at retail coffee shops around the globe, and they set those prices pretty high. A tall (12-ounce) latte or cappuccino at Starbucks will set you back around $3.00 in … Read more

Cortado vs Cubano: What’s The Difference?

closeup making espresso

So, you’ve just walked into a new coffeeshop and see some espresso drinks in the menu that you’ve not seen, nor tasted, before. What do you do? Should you try the cortado or the Cubano coffee? How do you know which one you will like the taste of more? And most importantly, how do these … Read more

Dark Coffee vs Light Coffee

The main difference coffee drinkers notice when comparing light and dark roasts of coffee  is the flavor. Even when made from the same bean, a lightly-roasted coffee tastes completely different than a darkly-roasted coffee. While the taste may be the most important and most notable difference between dark and light roasts, though, it’s not the … Read more

Why Is Kona Coffee So Expensive?

kona coffee cherries

Kona coffee is named after the region where it’s grown – that is Kona, Hawaii, on the island of Hawaii, otherwise known as the Big Island. Like many coffees, Kona gets its distinctive flavor from the very delicate ecosystem in which it grows. It can literally not be grown anywhere else in the world. That’s … Read more

Ideal Coffee Temperature (Brew and Serve Temps)

person's hand pouring coffee

Nothing spoils a great cup of coffee more than a tepid temperature or a scald so hot it takes off half your mouth skin before you can swallow it. Coffee, like most hot drinks, is a straight-up Goldilocks situation. It simply tastes better when it’s “just right.” What is the right temperature for coffee, though? … Read more